Philadelphia Muslims make a statement with opening of first purpose-built mosque

Ever since 9/11, American Muslims have struggled with whether they should stay under the radar or assert their identity. Despite the discrimination that has risen to the surface since that terrible day, their ranks in the U.S. have grown substantially, and there are twice as many mosques operating today as there were in 2000. Yet the majority of those new sanctuaries have burrowed into existing buildings – former churches, synagogues, movie theaters, and storefronts.


How to make Good Friday great again

As Christians around the world mark Good Friday, they do so in changing times. In an increasingly diverse Christian community, there’s noted and growing ambivalence toward this holy day that we so strangely call “good,” commemorating Jesus’s execution on the cross by the Roman authorities.


Debunked: The strange tale of Pope Gregory and the rabbits

Lent, a period of penance and self-denial for many Christians, begins Wednesday, but anyone to whom this story suggests a new menu should stop right there. Apart from the scarcity of laurices at the supermarket these days, the whole story is wrong according to a new scientific report.

Coast church leaders explain why they're taking action after recent mass shootings

Church leaders in South Mississippi explain why they have turned to law enforcement for training to learn the best ways to keep their sanctuaries and congregations safe from attack.