Robot goes to school for young cancer victim who can’t

The robot attends classes as Peyton Walton works the controls from her room near a hospital

Ten-year-old is receiving radiation therapy for a rare type of cancer 250 miles away from school

Students and staff have embraced the robot, which resembles a small Segway with iPad attached

Ole Miss defeated Mississippi State 38-27 on Saturday at Davis Wade Stadium. For more, visit

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Images, analysis released of Cleveland officer shooting 12-year-old boy

Frame-by-frame view of surveillance camera footage released last year adds offers little new insights

Analysis also doesn’t show whether Tamir Rice, as police officials have maintained, was reaching for pellet gun

Family’s attorneys ask that their use-of-force experts be allowed to testify before the grand jury

They reiterate demand that prosecutor step aside, allege ‘biased,’ ‘improper’ case before grand jury


Putin orders sanctions against Turkey after downing of jet

Putin’s decree calls for ending visa-free travel between Russia, Turkey, orders the tightening control of Turkish air carriers

It also includes a ban on some goods, forbids extensions of labor contracts for Turks working in Russia as of Jan. 1

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has apologized, renewed a call for a meeting with Putin in Paris next week

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