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On Gardening: EverColor sedges equal ever-beautiful grassy texture

The EverColor series of sedges is growing and all are proving to be ideal component plants in mixed containers. They are so dynamic they have the ability to be standalone or monoculture plants in tall European urns, olive jars or modern containers like I have at my house. In the landscape, however, they offer not only color by that fine leaf texture that stands out in great contrast with shrubs, perennials or annuals.


Parents @ Play: Celebrating National Puzzle Month

Did you know that January is National Puzzle Month – or that January 29 is National Puzzle Day? If not, don't feel bad: neither did we. But one thing we're quite sure of is that doing puzzles is a wonderful way to spend time with your family. Plus, it's good for you. Whether it's a 1,000-piece jigsaw, a crossword, a Sudoku, or something else, doing puzzles has been shown to increase alertness and concentration, improve memory and mood, boost problem-solving abilities and spatial reasoning, and lower stress levels. So in honor of National Puzzle Month, here are a few puzzle-icious ways to disconnect from our hyper-digital lifestyle, reconnect with your family, and generally improve your life.


Commentary: Using neuroscience to prevent drug addiction among teenagers

One way to deter harmful recreational drug use by teenagers is to treat them like adults. Rather than simply tell them to "Just Say No" to alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs, it may be more helpful to explain how these substances create unique risks for them – risks that arise due to the changing state of the adolescent brain.


Ask Mr. Dad: The importance of roughhousing

Dear Mr. Dad: My husband and our boy-girl twins love to wrestle, but I'm worried that all that physical activity and getting revved up will make them – especially our son – see violence as acceptable. Should I be concerned?


Sunday Best: Golden Globes co-host Sandra Oh stuns in a red Versace dress

The Golden Globes were full of questionable choices, but none of them were from co-host Sandra Oh (shown here with fellow host Andy Samberg, whose tuxedo is unexciting but perfectly acceptable). Oh, who not only hosted the show but was a Globe winner (for "Killing Eve"), wore three different gowns: an elegant, asymmetrical white Versace for the red carpet, a playful white-and-silver Stella McCartney for the program's second half, and my favorite: this red tuxedo dress for the show's opening, also by Versace. I love the menswear detailing (lapels! cuff buttons!), the impeccable fit, the subtly elegant swoosh of sequins across the front, and that glorious color, which Oh's stylist said was inspired by a view of poppies from Oh's window that the actress loves.


Program helps families help themselves

The Family Partnership has strengthened Twin Cities families for 140 years through therapeutic preschools, mental health counseling and anti human-trafficking programs. Now TFP is taking a dramatic step backward, so to speak. The nonprofit is the first in Minnesota to test a grant-funded program that sends coaches into at-risk households weekly for up to 18 months. The coaches are trained in a method called Mobility Mentoring. Instead of meticulously case-managing clients' stubborn issues, mentors step back and guide parents as they assess their own stability, set their own goals and, remarkably, often double their household income in the process. Senior Vice President John Everett Till tells us more.

Want to eat healthy? Salad Station in D’Iberville is ready to serve you

Sun Herald readers were very excited when we posted that Salad Station would be opening in D'Iberville. They opened in December, 2018, and have been busy ever since serving a healthy alternative to traditional fast food in D'Iberville.