Movie review: 'Zoolander 2' is all dressed up with no place to go

"Zoolander 2" employed the talents of four credited screenwriters, but unfortunately not one of them seemed to notice that what they were working on wasn't actually a screenplay. It is, instead, an excuse to string together an endless and often random supply of celebrity cameos (Willie Nelson, why are you in this movie?) and to reunite a pair of beloved but played-out characters from the original 2001 "Zoolander." The result: a mostly agreeable but empty-headed mess. It's sort of the movie equivalent of Derek Zoolander himself.

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Movie review: 'How to Be Single' has its heart in the right place

Based on the aggressive marketing for "How to Be Single," which has thrust its grinning, champagne swilling female stars in the face of every person who might not have a date lined up for the dreaded Feb. 14th, it would be easy to assume that the film would be condescending at best. But this singles-baiting rom-com is so much better than it's been advertised - a legitimately great, and funny, dedication to self-love with its heart squarely in the right place.

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