They danced and took it off on stage. Now, they weigh in on new laws.

Two former exotic dancers who are natives of South Mississippi talk about the new law in Louisiana that requires dancers to be 21 or older to strip on stage.


Movie review: 'Queen of Katwe,' inspiring true story about Ugandan chess champ will give families tons to talk about

Parents need to know that "Queen of Katwe" is the inspiring true story of a girl from the slums of Uganda who becomes a chess champion. It has strong themes of empathy, humility, integrity, perseverance, and teamwork. But there are also many hard scenes that little kids might not understand - or could be upset by - making it best for tweens and up. A boy who's run over by a motorcycle gets stitches without painkillers, another child is almost swept away in a flash flood, and a teen girl is lured from her family by an untrustworthy man who promises her a better life. The central family is homeless and must sleep on the street, and some scenes include background drinking and smoking. But in the end this is a beautifully told, entertaining drama about a strong, smart, loyal girl that will give families a lot to talk about.


TV: 8 Latina TV characters to inspire and entertain your kids

"Diversity" is a lot more than the latest buzzword in Hollywood. When kids see positive portrayals of people who share their background and culture on TV, it can be truly life-changing. It plants the seed of possibility. It bolsters self-esteem. It reinforces cultural touchstones. And it's really as simple as watching great characters with depth, dimension, and authenticity. Fortunately, Latina characters have come a long way from when American actress Natalie Wood played Latina, Maria in "West Side Story." Today's audiences are treated to Latina characters who are actually played by Latina actresses, reinforcing the message that you can be anything you imagine. Here are some of our favorite Latina characters:


It's breakfast put on steroids

If you're the sort of person who gravitates toward diners, whose favorite restaurants serve breakfast all day (we are not talking about McDonald's), who makes breakfast for dinner at home and whose idea of a good time is making frosted flakes from scratch, then here's a cookbook for you. "Big Bad Breakfast" is the new book from John Currence, and it's a big, bad book of a cookbook, as was clearly the author's intent.


History of slavery in NY examined through runaways notices

They were field hands, cooks, musicians and blacksmiths. Some were "well made," others lame. A few showed ritual tribal scarring from their native Africa, others bore scars inflicted by their masters. All of them — some 600-plus men and women — were black slaves who bolted for freedom in upstate New York in the 1700s and early 1800s.


Chilly treats are made at Snow Boogers

Step inside Snow Boogers snowball and frozen treat stand in the Big Level community in Stone County.
Tammy Smith tmsmith@sunherald.com
Chilly treats are made at Snow Boogers 0:58

Chilly treats are made at Snow Boogers

The return of Guns n Roses: SunHerald exclusive 1:14

The return of Guns n Roses: SunHerald exclusive

Poetry to come alive off of the sidewalks of downtown Biloxi 1:09

Poetry to come alive off of the sidewalks of downtown Biloxi

Bay couple serve as extras in Nicolas Cage movie 2:05

Bay couple serve as extras in Nicolas Cage movie

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