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This week, Marquee Framed visits Murky Waters in Ocean Springs and Cora's in Biloxi.

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Movie review: 'Pan' is a grim, bizarre prequel

In "Pan," young Peter learns he can fly in the grimmest possible context, as he plummets to his presumptive death after being kicked, viciously, off a plank hundreds of feet above a rock quarry. In the new film directed by Joe Wright, Neverland lies high above the clouds as usual, but much of its real estate has been turned over to a miserable steampunk mining village in the "Mad Max: Fury Road" vein. Kidnapped slave boys dig for Pixum, also known as pixie dust. The precious glowing stuff provides the youth serum coveted by the pirate Blackbeard, played by Hugh Jackman in Kenneth Branagh's "Wild Wild West" goatee, a pederastic air and Alastair Sim's teeth.

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