Video of judge chasing men goes viral. Here are the Top 5 escapes in South Mississippi.

A viral video circulating Wednesday shows what can happen when courtroom defendants decide to make a run for it.

Video from Washington State, obtained by The Daily Chronicle, shows Judge R.W. Buzzard throw off his robe and chase two handcuffed men who fled his courtroom down four flights of stairs.

The judge caught one of them as he tried to leave the building. The other was captured a few blocks away, according to the Miami Herald.

“I was yelling at them all the way down the stairs to ‘stop, you’re making things worse,’” Buzzard told KOMO News.

The men now face felony escape charges from the Oct. 16 run from a courtroom in Chehalis, Wash.

South Mississippi has had its share of defendants who have run from a courthouse or escaped from custody in the past three years.

Here are the top five recent escapes, with details based on allegations from previous Sun Herald reports:

  1. Michael ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd Wilson, hometown unknown, was serving time for two murders in Harrison County when he scaled a prison fence in July. He left the South Mississippi Correctional Institution in Leakesville and received rides from two good Samaritans — the editor of the Greene County Herald and an elderly woman, the latter who took him to Lucedale. Wilson was captured three days later in the St. Martin community in Jackson County.

  2. John Samuel Bond of Moss Point had been ordered taken into custody on a grand larceny warrant in June when he asked Judge Robert Krebs to let him kiss his wife first. Bond bolted out of the nearby back door of George County Circuit Court. Circuit Clerk Chad Welford, a triathlete dressed for court in a suit and tie, gave chase. Welford found him worn out and hiding in bushes.

  3. Kimaz Denzell Carter of Pass Christian was being escorted by deputies after testing positive for marijuana in Harrison County Drug Court in October 2015. He was restrained with waist shackles and handcuffs and kicked off his shoes and ran from the Harrison County Courthouse. Officers found him hiding under a house. A K-9 bit him.

  4. Viet Van Nguyen of Biloxi ran from the Harrison County jail in January before a bail bondsman could turn him in. A bail bond agent had picked him up because he failed to appear on a grand larceny charge. Nguyen ran through the employee parking lot, scaled an exterior fence with barbed wire and ran into woods. K-9 teams found him lying down about 75 yards away. Nguyen couldn’t be charged with escape. He fled before he was booked in at the jail.

  5. Tiffanie Ann Miller, hometown unknown, escaped from the Jackson County jail by switching places with a woman who was about to be released in September 2016. Miller was free about 18 hours before deputies captured her at a home in Gulf Park Estates. She was originally being held on felony charges of neglect of a vulnerable adult and shoplifting.

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