He conspired to kill people who witnessed fatal shooting of his ex, grand jury says

A man awaiting trial in the murder of former Biloxi woman Kelei Morris has been indicted on new charges alleging he tried to have possible witnesses killed.

Steven Mason, accused with another man in the Feb. 2, 2015, fatal shooting of Morris outside her Mobile apartment, now faces three counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

Mason, who had dated Morris, is now accused of trying to have three possible witnesses to the crime killed through a contact from the Mobile Metro Jail.

Mason is set for trial Jan. 29.

The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office announced the latest indictment in a news release Monday.

Morris, 23, was a graduate of St. Patrick Catholic High School in Biloxi and the University of South Alabama in Mobile.

She was a respiratory therapist at Mobile Infirmary hospital, where Mason worked at the time.

Mason was working as a nurse for the Singing River Hospital System in Jackson County when he was arrested March 20 on a murder charge in Morris’ death. A second defendant, Adam Miller, also is charged with murder.

A Mobile County grand jury in June indicted Mason on charges of solicitation to commit murder.

On Friday, a grand jury handed down the new indictment, which also accuses Jeremy Luper of being an accomplice on the conspiracy to commit murder.

Mason is accused of asking former jail inmate Derrick Myles to have three witnesses killed. Myles was released from the Mobile Metro Jail on June 9 and has a previous manslaughter conviction, WKRG TV News 5 of Mobile reported Monday.

Conspiracy to commit murder means a person agrees with another person to commit murder and one or more persons perform an overt act that is part of the agreement.

Solicitation, under the previous indictment, means a person asks someone else to commit a crime but no overt act is required or is part of the agreement.

Mason’s attorney has filed a motion claiming Mason was at work when Morris was killed.

Morris had dated Mason a few months but had broken off their relationship. The Sun Herald has been told neither Morris nor the hospital system in Jackson County knew Mason had a prior murder conviction. Mason fatally shot a girlfriend when he was younger.

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