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St. Marks Place – three famous, hip blocks of New York City

Early on a mild September morning, an elderly man on a black bicycle meanders along the paths of Tompkins Square Park, in New York's East Village. A cassette tape player balanced on the bicycle's crossbar plays tinny Asian music that grows louder as he approaches and then fainter as he pedals away. The only other sound is birdsong.


Teach kids how to resist advertising and be smart consumers

Commercials are nothing new. We all grew up with them and can probably sing a dozen or more jingles. What is new is how advertisers have adapted to digital media – especially apps, websites, and social media. Many of today's ads – from product placements in movies and on TV to online contests, viral videos, and "chatbots" (robots that send instant messages) – don't look like ads. And that's by design. Adapting to ever more jaded and fickle viewers, marketers have developed ways to integrate ads into entertainment, so it's hard to tell where the "real" content ends and the ads begin. These techniques also encourage us to interact (click, swipe, play, chat), which gives marketers data about our habits, likes, and preferences.

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Style at Home: Designer beds: 6 looks to wow you

I love being a part of a small, locally owned store, with all the freedom and opportunities that provides for us to let our creativity run wild. At the big chain home interiors stores, the look is dictated by the corporate office, but our designers are always experimenting, keeping our store fresh and new. To fuel their fires, I issued a Designers Challenge, asking each designer to create her dream bed for spring. Not surprisingly, their work blew me away and illustrated how to bring your personality and interests to life through bedding. Take a look ...

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How to be a better flower photographer

When photographing flowers, go for the close-up. Lean in to allow the flower to fill the frame, watching that your camera (or, more likely, smartphone) doesn't cast a shadow over your subject. If possible, stand above the flower and shoot down into its petals, focusing on the bloom's center.


Holy Week Soul Mass Rehearsal

St. Peter's By-The-Sea will hold a Soul Mass on Wednesday as part of Holy Week activities.
Jeff Clark
Holy Week Soul Mass Rehearsal 1:13

Holy Week Soul Mass Rehearsal

Ocean Springs homeowner wanted to 0:55

Ocean Springs homeowner wanted to "maximize the view”

Shucker relief pitchers find concessions tasty 2:51

Shucker relief pitchers find concessions tasty

Eat healthy, live longer 1:38

Eat healthy, live longer