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Letters to the Editor

Stop shouting about Clinton’s guilt

The street’s insistence on guilt simply promotes unwarranted cynicism about our justice system and those who serve it. If angry people want to do something, they should get a law passed, but we should not allow angry voices from the street — or from Congress — to determine who is legally guilty and what the punishment should be.


Communities, youth could use lawmaker’s attention, too

Reforming taxes and budgeting are noble causes, but the legislative working group should add poverty to its to-do list. “The Iron Circle of Poverty” drags communities down. It can’t be solved with standalone programs. A comprehensive approach incorporating many programs would work better.


Your air conditioner is making the heat wave worse

The heat wave that barbecued the Midwest this past week is pressure-cooking the East Coast this weekend. With temperatures and humidity indexes hitting triple digits, city dwellers have no choice but to keep thermostat settings low and energy consumption high. But we need air conditioning because we use air conditioning, and that circular logic is getting worse as global temperatures rise.