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Myles Brennan talks All-American game, Twitter and, of course, LSU

Myles Brennan receives his Under Armour All-American jersey

SSC QB Myles Brennan receives his Under Armour All-American jersey during a ceremony at his high school Thursday.
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SSC QB Myles Brennan receives his Under Armour All-American jersey during a ceremony at his high school Thursday.

Myles Brennan isn’t quite done being a high school quarterback.

The reigning three-time Sun Herald Player of the Year and St. Stanislaus standout has one more game remaining before he suits up as a Tiger.

Brennan left this week for Orlando, Florida, to begin preparing for the Under Armour All-American Game. He’ll be one of two Mississippians (joining Grenada’s C.J. Avery) to compete in the New Year’s Day game, which will be televised at noon on ESPN.

“This is huge. It’s kind of like the Elite 11 in that it’s a prestigious honor and I’m grateful to be chosen for it,” Brennan said. “I feel like it’s the chance of a lifetime and a great way to cap off my high school career.”

There’s a number of emotions surging through Brennan heading into the nationally televised event.

“I’m anxious and excited,” he said. “Anxious to the point I’m ready to go out and compete with the best athletes in the country, the best of the best.

“And I’m excited because it’s a week to go down there and learn and get better.”

Sticking with Tigers

After re-opening his recruitment for about 16 days, Brennan reaffirmed his commitment to LSU on Dec. 15. Brennan’s desire to wear the purple and gold never truly wavered, but with LSU’s offensive coordinator position up in the air until recently, Brennan felt it was only fair to see what else was out there.

“From the day I got (to Baton Rouge) when it was Coach (Cam) Cameron and Coach Les (Miles), it just felt like home,” Brennan said. “Every time I’d come home from a game or seeing friends, I told my parents it felt like home more and more. ... Walking through Tigerland and people know you and say hey; I’ve never seen any of those people in my life, but the fact they care and support my decision and know what I’m doing is pretty neat.

“It’s a place I love and every time I go down there it just gets better and better.”

Admittedly, the Brennan “camp” was quite relieved when LSU hired former Pitt, N.C. State and Wisconsin offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

Once the hire was announced, Brennan and former SSC coach Bill Conides immediately watched several hours worth of game film.

“A big thing Coach Canada does is he uses the spread concepts and the pro style concepts together,” Brennan said. “He merges them and that’s kind of the true pro style now. If you think about watching a pro game, they’re spread and then under center. It’s not just spread or just under center.

“My goal is to get to the NFL and I feel like that’s going to be the best way to achieve my goal and to be coached.”

It was clear Brennan remained a priority for LSU. After talking with Canada, Brennan and his folks remained firm in their plan to wait to make any final decision until his official visit in January. The next day, Brennan talked to Conides and Canada once more and ultimately decided enough was enough.

“I just knew. It’s home,” Brennan said. “I love Baton Rouge. Obviously, I wouldn’t have been committed there from April until November if I didn’t. It’s a place I love and can’t wait to be.”

For the second time now, St. James (Louisiana) quarterback Lowell Narcisse has committed to LSU shortly after Brennan pledged to the Tigers, which Brennan said he once again welcomed.

“I know wherever I go, whether there’s one quarterback on the roster or seven, you’re going to have to fight for that position,” Brennan said. “I get it. I’m not oblivious to that at all.”

Twitter lessons

Social media is an interesting beast. It can lift you up and be unforgiving all at the same time. It can also crush you if you allow it that power. Brennan has seen the full spectrum on his various social media platforms but has remained poised through all the attention.

“Social media is a crazy thing for the good and bad,” Brennan said. “You definitely have to be smart with what you put out there and then you have to be smart in not replying to those dark comments as much as you may want to; it’s people who aren’t in your shoes but wish they were.”

Like a lot of athletes, Brennan has mostly taken to Twitter to make his own announcements and prop up LSU’s football program.

Brennan also has pretty sound advice for other young athletes and says he’s actually used some of the mentions on Twitter as motivation.

“A lot of people say if you wouldn’t put it in the front yard your grandma’s house then you might as well not put it on Twitter,” he said. “I’ve learned people are going to say things, and that’s their own views, but for me it’s just going to act as motivation.

“I’ve grown up with people doubting me. (I’m) too tall, too lanky, too small, just the whole nine yards, not good enough. I just use it as fuel to the fire and motivation to always get better and prove the doubters wrong.”

Brennan will get his latest opportunity to shut down the “haters” Jan. 1.

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