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These are the 9 people asked to testify in Rep. Douglas McLeod’s domestic violence trial

The District Attorney’s Office subpoenaed nine witnesses to testify in Tuesday’s domestic violence trial of state Rep. Douglas McLeod.

Among them is the Republican lawmaker’s wife, Michele McLeod, who authorities say was the victim of the May 18 assault at the couple’s home off Bexley Church Road in rural George county.

Also expected to testify is a woman who was the couple’s home at the of the alleged assault, The woman took care of the couple’s dogs at times.

believed to be one of the couple’s children, who was a the home when the alleged assault occurred.

McLeod allegedly hit his wife in the face and she had blood on her nose, face, arms and legs when George County sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene, a deputy’s report said.

The assault reportedly occurred in the couple’s bedroom after McLeod got mad because he wanted sex from his wife and felt like it was taking her too long to get undressed.

George County sheriff’s deputies responded after receiving a 911 call for help from someone inside the couple’s home.

Those deputies are set to testify, along with a paramedic and EMT from ASAP Emergency Services, Inc., and the 911 operator who took the call.

At the scene, McLeod’s wife told deputies her husband had just “snapped,” something he does when he’s been drinking alcohol.

Though authorities said Michele McLeod was shaking, upset and didn’t want be near her husband at the scene, the couple issued a joint statement after media reports on his arrest.

In the statement, the couple claimed there had been many “fabrications” and “misrepresentations” in the media about the incident.

In response, the Sun Herald published the entire police report on the incident.

Testimony is set to begin at 8:30 a.m. before George County Justice Court Judge Mike Bullock.

If convicted, McLeod could be fined $500 and face up to six months in jail, or both.

Since reports surfaced on the assault, several Republican lawmakers called for McLeod’s resignation.

The District Attorney’s Office is prosecuting the case because County Attorney Joey Griffin recused himself, citing a conflict of interest. In the past, Griffin has also served as an assistant district attorney responsible for prosecuting cases.

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