It's official, a Starbucks for Ocean Springs -- guess where?

 A Starbucks will open in Ocean Springs.
GRANT JEFFRIES/THE BRADENTON HERALD A Starbucks will open in Ocean Springs.

OCEAN SPRINGS -- Contractors have secured the permit for a Starbucks in Ocean Springs.

That makes it official.

"You can negotiate and say proposed all day long, but it's never official until the permit is issued," said Hilliard Fountain, city building official.

The $551,000, free-standing Starbucks is set to go up as an out building in the Rouses supermarket parking lot along U.S. 90, across the highway from Ocean Springs Hospital. It will be on the southeast corner of Ocean Springs Road and Bienville Boulevard (what Ocean Springs calls U.S. 90).

It's going across the street from Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers and next to Checkers Drive-In.

The silt fencing already is up. There will be special site work required before the walls go up. The contractor will place pipe in both drainage ditches on the corner so they can create driveway access to the Starbucks.

The official address is 3158 Bienville Boulevard.

There will be two contractors on the project, one for the outside and one especially for the interior.

Until the site work is complete, they won't officially break ground, Fountain said.

"It's been a long process," he said, at least four or five months of the city working with architects and contractors as the plans for the structure came together. He said they must have worked with 20 architects and engineers.

But the word is out now. The permit was issued a few days ago, and it's a go.

Fountain has gotten two calls today, people curious about what's going on at the corner of U.S. 90.

The exterior contractor is Lanco Construction out of LaPlace, La.

How about that $551,000 price tag?

Fountain said he wasn't surprised at all, by the time they do site work, drainage improvements, the exterior, the interior and landscaping.

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