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Restaurants in downtown Ocean Springs and Hurley cited by health department

Two South Mississippi restaurants were cited by the state health department in the past two weeks.

Lotta Burger at 7575 Mississippi 614 in Hurley had a scheduled inspection on Sept. 17. The Mississippi State Department of Health found five violations, two of which were corrected during the inspection.

The inspection found insects, rodents or animals present; hot and cold water not available with adequate pressure; inadequate hand-washing facilities supplied and accessible; hands not clean and properly washed; and food contact surface not cleaned and sanitized. The last two were corrected during the inspection.

This was the restaurant’s first C since 2013.

A follow-up visit was conducted on Sept. 30 and all issues were corrected during the inspection.

A scheduled inspection on Wednesday at Mosaic Tapas Bar & Restaurant, 1010 Government St., Ocean Springs resulted in two violations. The restaurant was cited for not having food contact surface cleaned and sanitized and for not maintaining proper cold-holding temperatures. This is the only C for the restaurant listed on the Health Department website.

Restaurants and other food service establishments are rated A if they pass the Health Department inspection, B if violations are corrected during the inspection and C if the violations are critical.

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