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3 Coast fast-food restaurants, Chinese buffet cited for health violations

Three South Mississippi fast-food restaurants and a Chinese buffet were cited for health violations over the past two weeks.

New Panda Palace Buffet at 3290 Promenade Parkway, D’Iberville, was inspected Wednesday, July 17, for a permit renewal and was found to have five violations, one of which was corrected during the inspection.

The restaurant was cited for repeat violations for: improper eating, tasting, drinking or tobacco use; inadequate hand-washing facilities supplied and accessible, and food not separated and protected. These same infractions earned the restaurant a C when it was inspected for a permit in 2018.

The restaurant also was cited for food surface not cleaned and sanitized. Corrected during the inspection was proper cold-holding temperatures.

The nearby Waffle House at 11967 Bobby Eleuterius Blvd. in D’Iberville, at the entrance to The Promenade, had a scheduled inspection on Wednesday. It was cited for food surface cleaned and sanitized, a repeat violation. Corrected during the inspection were food not separated and protected, improper cold-holding temperatures and last inspection report not posted. The restaurant’s last C was in 2017.

Hardee’s fast-food restaurant at 2403 U.S. 90, Gautier, was inspected on July 3 and was cited for not having sewage waste water properly disposed. The restaurant’s only one other C in 10 years was in 2015.

Krystal Restaurant at 12045 U.S. 49, Gulfport was inspected July 11 for a permit renewal. It was given a C for improper cold handling temperatures, a repeat offense, and for not having last inspection permit posted.

Corrected during the inspection were hand-washing facilities supplied and accessible along with proper date marking and disposition.

The only other C for the restaurant in the past 9 years was in July 2018. A scheduled inspection on July 13 showed no violations.

Restaurants and other food service establishments are rated A if they pass the Health Department inspection, B if violations are corrected during the inspection and C if the violations are critical.

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