Report: Tori Bowie unhappy with coach, agent and admits to fight with ex-teammate

Olympic gold medalist Tori Bowie sent out a string of tweets last Wednesday, complaining that she was denied access to the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, over an unpaid fee of $6,000.

Bowie has since given an interview to FloTrack that adds some context.

The Pisgah, Mississippi, native first tweeted on Jan. 2 that she wasn’t aware that she owed $6,000.

In the interview with FloTrack, she admitted she was contacted over the holidays by Duffy Mahoney of USA Track and Field, who said she needed to move out of her residence at the facility when she returned to Chula Vista.

According to the report, Bowie was initially supposed to live at the training center for three months, but her coach, Al Joyner, told her he had set up the former Southern Miss track star for a year-long stay.

Bowie said she was unaware that was no longer the situation until she was contacted by Mahoney.

She said Mahoney told her she could still train at the Olympic Training Center, but not stay there.

“Then, as soon as I pull up at the training center yesterday, it was something totally different,” she told the website. “So that’s why I’m so upset, because it was something totally different than what he told me over the break.”

Bowie said she may begin to look for a new coach and also admitted to being unhappy with her management team at ICON Management. As of last Thursday, she had not been in contact with her agent, Kimberly Holland.

According to the report, part of Bowie’s displeasure with her management team includes the handling of a February 2018 altercation with fellow track star Shaunae Miller-Uibo when they were members of the Pure Athletics team in Clermont, Florida.

Bowie said the fight left her bleeding from the head.

She told FloTrack that she and and Miller-Uibo were ordered to separately see psychologists and that other members were told not to talk about the altercation or they would be kicked off the team.

Bowie moved to Chula Vista in June after leaving Pure Athletics, but is now forced to find a new home and training center.

Holland and Mahoney have not returned multiple calls from the Sun Herald requesting comment.

Bowie won the bronze medal in the 200 meters, silver in the 100 meters and gold in the 4x100-meter relay during the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She won the world championship in the 100 meters in 2017.

Patrick Magee is a sports writer who has covered South Mississippi for much of the last two decades. From Southern Miss to high schools, he stays on top of it all.