List of winners, runoffs in Coast races in 2019 Mississippi primary election

Scott DeLano claims victory in razor thin race for District 50 seat

Scott DeLano claimed victory over Dixie Newman in District 50 with a thin margin of 33 votes. The race will not be certified until the affidavits have been counted.
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Scott DeLano claimed victory over Dixie Newman in District 50 with a thin margin of 33 votes. The race will not be certified until the affidavits have been counted.

Votes have been tallied in the 2019 Mississippi primary elections.

Statewide and in South Mississippi, familiar faces have reclaimed their seats, while others will compete in runoffs.

Some candidates won their seats outright, and others will face runoffs or the general election in November.

Here’s a list of winners based on unofficial results from Tuesday night’s primaries, including key races from the three Coast counties.


Republican: Runoff between Tate Reeves, Bill Waller

Democrat: Jim Hood

Lieutenant Governor

Republican: Delbert Hosemann

Democrat: Jay Hughes (unopposed)

Secretary of State

Republican: Michael Watson

Democrat: Johnny DuPree

Attorney General

Runoff between Republicans Lynn Fitch and Andy Taggart

Democrat: Jennifer Riley Collins (unopposed)

Public Service Commissioner: Southern District

Republican: Dane Maxwell

Democrat: Connie Moran

State Senator: District 46

Republican: Philip Moran (I)

State Senator: District 47

Republican Mike Seymour (I)

State Senator: District 48

Democrat Gary Fredericks

State Senator: District 50

Affidavits will be counted to determine final winner between Republicans Scott DeLano, Dixie Newman

State Senator: District 51

Runoff between Republicans Gary Wayne Lennep (37%) and Jeremy England (36%)

State House: District 95

Runoff between Republicans Patricia Willis (31%) and Jay McKnight (38%)

State House: District 109

Republican Manly Barton

State House: District 114

Runoff between Republicans Jeffrey Guice (43%) and Kenneth Fountain (35%)

State House: District 118

Republican Greg Haney

State House: District 119

Democrat Sonya Williams Barnes (I)

Harrison County


Republican Brian Switzer

Chancery Clerk:

Republican John McAdams

Tax Assessor:

Republican Paula Ladner

Tax Collector:

Republican David LaRosa

Justice Court Judge District 5:

Runoff between Republicans Nick Patano, Patrick Williams

Supervisor District 2:

Republican Rebecca Powers

Supervisor District 5:

Republican Connie Rockco

Constable District 2:

Runoff between Republicans Angel Kibler-Middleton, Ricky Dombrowski

Constable District 5:

Republican Jeff Migues

Jackson County


Runoff between Republicans Bruce Lynd Jr., Katherine Seymour-Swetman

Tax Collector:

Republican Kevin Miller

Prosecuting Attorney:

Republican Kyle Miller

Supervisor District 1:

Republican Barry Cumbest (I)

Supervisor District 3:

Republican Ken Taylor (I)

Supervisor District 4:

Republican Troy Ross (I)

Supervisor District 5:

Republican Randy Bosarge (i)

Justice Court Judge District 1:

Rebpulican Matt Lachaussee (I)

Justice Court Judge District 4:

Republican Danny Guice

Constable District 1:

Republican Ty Thompson (I)

Constable District 2:

Democrat Calvin Hutchins (I)

Constable District 3:

Republican Shane Langfitt (I)

Constable District 4:

Republican Kerry Fountain (I)

Hancock County


Republican Ricky Adam

Circuit Clerk:

Runoff between Republicans Tammy Garber, “KK” Ladner Necaise


Runoff between Republicans Jim Faulk (I), Jeff Hair

Supervisor District 1:

Republican Theresa Ryan

Supervisor District 2:

Republican Greg Shaw (I)

Supervisor District 3:

Republican Kodie Koenenn

Supervisor District 5:

Republican Darren “Bo” Ladner (I)

Justice Court Judge District 2:

Runoff between Republicans Brian Necaise, Jay Lagasse (I)

Justice Court Judge District 3:

Runoff between Republicans Eric Moran and R. Joseph Estopin Jr.

Constable Place 2:

Republican Ray Seal (I)

Constable Place 3:

Runoff between Republicans Paul Taylor, Albert Biehl

*(I) denotes an incumbent

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