Biloxians’ battle comes down to 33 votes. Here’s the House, Senate results for the Coast.

The Republican primary for the District 50 Senate seat provided the closest contest on the Mississippi Coast on Tuesday night.

With all precincts in, Rep. Scott DeLano held a 33-vote lead over Biloxi City Councilwoman Dixie Newman. There is no Democratic opposition, meaning DeLano will win the race as long as affidavit votes don’t erase his lead of 3,029-2,996.

DeLano declared victory late Tuesday evening.

“I’m very excited to be able stand in front of us 33 votes ahead,” he said. “We knew it was going to be razor-thin, did exactly what we had to do to get out and win. I’m very happy for the people that worked with me, very happy of South Mississippi to be able to back and represent them in Jackson. We’ll have to have this election certified tomorrow, hopefully we’ll get that moved out of the way and go to work right away.”

DeLano was confident that affidavit votes would not change the outcome of the race.

“We look at these elections and see how many affidavits that are out there. It’s very unusual to make a really big difference in the outcome,” he said. “Even though it’s razor-thin, we expect it to fall in line with what the vote came out of those individual precincts.”

Newman did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Sun Herald on Tuesday night.

Senate races

There was one incumbent who had her run in the state Senate come to an end. Deborah Jeanne Dawkins was beaten in the Democratic primary by Gary Fredericks, who picked up a convincing victory with 59 percent of the vote.

Fredericks will face Republican Mike Thompson, who won the GOP primary by a 59-41% margin over Jason Boyd.

In Senate District 46, incumbent Phillip Moran narrowly held onto his seat in a Republic primary against Blaine LaFontaine. Moran held 51% of the vote with 5,946 votes compared to 5,758 for LaFontaine.

Republican incumbent Mike Seymour also secured another term in the Senate for District 47 with 64% of the vote to C.T. Switzer’s 36%.

The Republican primary in Senate District 51 is headed for a runoff. Gary Wayne Lennep held 37 percent with 3,042 votes and Jeremy England stood in second place with 36% and 2,988 votes.

The winner of the Aug. 27 runoff will face no Democratic competition in the general election.

House races

Democratic incumbent Sonya Williams-Barnes had no trouble in her primary, topping Jeffrey Hulum with 75 percent of the vote in House District 119. There is no Republican opponent awaiting Barnes in the general election.

Republican incumbent Manly Barton easily secured another term in House District 109, topping Joshua Hardy with 73 percent of the vote.

In House District 118, incumbent Greg Haney won the Republican primary 69-31% over John McCay to clinch another term as representative.

In the House District 95 Republican primary, Jay McKnight is headed to a runoff with incumbent Patricia Willis. McKnight held 38% with 1,924 votes while Willis checked in at 31% and 1,542 votes.

Another runoff is in the works for House District 114. Jeffrey S. Guice was in first place with 43% and 1,276 votes and Kenneth Fountain followed with 35% and 1,037 votes.

Patrick Magee is a sports writer who has covered South Mississippi for much of the last two decades. From Southern Miss to high schools, he stays on top of it all.
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