Here’s how the largest-ever donation to Harrison County schools will be spent

Harrison County School District announced Tuesday how the $642,885 donation left by Darrell Saucier will be spent.

The Harrison County resident died in April at age 84. He had no immediate family and left his money to the local school in what was the largest gift the school ever receive.

It will go to new teachers, to students majoring in education, and to classrooms.

The money already was placed in a separate district account, Superintendent Roy Gill told the Sun Herald, and will be tracked so the public can know how the money is spent. The district expects the funds to last for at least 20 years.

The allocations announced Thursday are:

$250 supply grants awarded each year to all new teachers in the district with no experience to buy classroom supplies.

Ten $1,000 scholarships awarded each year to district seniors and graduating juniors who are majoring in education. The scholarships will be competitive grants.

Ten $1,000 annual classroom grants for teachers or teacher assistants on a competitive basis.

Saucier’s family described him as “an extremely smart man” and said they felt he would have wanted the money to go to students and teachers.

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