Man in child-sex case brother of serial killer, child molester

Westley Allen Dodd
Westley Allen Dodd

GULFPORT -- Neighbors of Gregory Dodd said they're shocked, in a way, to hear he's accused of trying to entice a young girl to have sex with him.

But in another way, they're not.

His brother, Westley Allen Dodd, was a convicted serial killer and child molester. Westley Allen Dodd was put to death Jan. 5, 1993, in Washington State Penitentiary.

The young girl in the federal complaint against Gregory Dodd was imaginary, a fictitious person created by an undercover federal agent while investigating users of a questionable website.

Gregory Dodd lives on Gary Street, not far from Bel-Aire Elementary in Gulfport's Orange Grove area.

Neighbors who have lived there for years said they knew about Westley Allen Dodd's background.

"I had no idea about anything like this involving Gregory," one woman said.

"It's scary."

She said Gregory Dodd's father, Westley J. Dodd, had owned the home on Gary Street for years. She said Gregory Dodd moved into the home after Hurricane Katrina.

He was arrested Friday by federal agents on suspicion of using electronic devices to entice a minor to have sexual activity.

"Cars were all up and down the street for the arrest and they were searching his Tahoe," one woman said.

In 1989, Westley Allen Dodd killed three boys after tying them up and sexually assaulting them. He confessed after he was arrested in the attempted kidnapping of a 6-year-old boy.

He has been called "one of the most evil killers in history."

Several books have been written about him.

His execution in 1993 was the first legal hanging in the United States since 1965. He had requested his hanging, his choice for capital punishment, be televised. It was not.

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