Biloxi police found woman dying on a tile floor. Her boyfriend had violent history, report says.

When Biloxi police got to the home on Judge Sekul Avenue the evening of May 21, they found murder suspect Gary Wayne Wallace hysterical at the front door, court records say.

But he was laughing and crying at the same time as he told officers to “go, go” inside the home.

In a bedroom of the apartment, a report said, police found Penny Clark dying next to a bed on a tile floor.

On the 47-year-old woman’s body, police found what appeared to be fresh bruising along with blood seeping from her nose and mouth. Police said in a report the injuries were consistent with the kind you see in an assault.

On the bedroom wall, sheets and tile floor, police found blood.

Her T-shirt had been pulled up around her neck and shoulders.

When paramedics got Clark to Merit Health hospital for treatment, it was too late. She was pronounced dead.

Wallace was arrested the same day on a felony charge of murder.

A bloody mess

Police documented what they found when they got to the home.

In addition to detailing where Clark was found, police took note of fresh cuts on Wallace’s hands along with blood splattered under his left arm and right bicep, and more blood smudged across the tip of his nose.

Asked when he last saw Clark alert and conscious, Wallace didn’t specify a time, instead telling police it was “about an hour and half ago, two hours, three hours.”

Police continued to document other injuries on Wallace, including a fresh cut that was still bleeding, and one he attributed to a fall.

In a ‘neckhold’

As police continued their investigation, they interviewed Wallace’s sister, who said her brother had a history of physical violence.

In fact, the sister told police she had to break up a fight between the couple about a week beforehand and saw her brother holding Clark in a “neckhold.”

The sister said she and her husband had stopped by Wallace’s home around 8:30 the night of the killing to drop off some clothes and to help the couple cook some chicken for dinner.

Wallace asked for a ride to a store for beer, so the sister took the couple and her husband to pick some up. Afterward, the couple was dropped off at their home.

The sister called her brother to check in on him and Clark around 10:30 p.m. that evening, and she said her brother answered. He indicated all was fine, and that he had just had sex.

The sister told police she knew her brother had an “extensive” history of physical violence, and she had noticed bruising on Clark prior to the day of her killing.

When pressed about the past bruising, however, the sister said Clark didn’t seem to want to tell her how the bruising came about for fear of Wallace overhearing the conversation, the report says.