Family of slain Biloxi officer Robert McKeithen speaks out for the first time

The family of officer Robert McKeithen has spoken out for the first time after his death outside the Biloxi police station Sunday night.

A video interview was recorded by the City of Biloxi before Tuesday’s memorial outside the station, where the family joined the officers and community who gathered.

McKeithen, 58, was married three times and raised stepchildren and a daughter, the city said. They were present for the interview.

His wife, Pamela, said there’s been such “an outpouring of love” from the community. She also described how her husband loved being a police officer and took special care of his uniform.

“He would iron it every day, shine his boots, it was meticulous,” she said.

Stepson Logan Grundel said everyone could tell McKeithen was living the dream he had envisioned for himself.

“He always talked about retiring, but it was one of things where it was ‘one more year, one more year,’” he said. “He loved his job and he really never wanted to quit ... he was more proud that he was able to retire than he really wanted to retire.”

He said the support from the department and the community has been amazing.

“Somebody’s always standing next to you in the Biloxi Police Department ... it made it so much easier on my family.”

Chief John Miller, who interviewed the family, said he was impressed with how they have handled the tragedy.

“It has been remarkable to me the way that y’all have managed to get through this ... and I know Robert would be very proud of that.”

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