Young man ‘accidentally’ shot himself near Biloxi High, police say. Now he faces charges.

Jauan Markel Williams
Jauan Markel Williams Biloxi Police Department

A young man who went in the Biloxi High School lobby to report someone had shot him actually suffered an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound and has been arrested, police say.

Jauan Markel Williams, 20, had first called 911 to report he was sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot at the AJ Holloway Sports Complex next to Biloxi High when someone he didn’t know shot him, police Maj. Christopher De Back said.

Williams then walked to the nearby high school, where officials put the campus on lockdown and responded to the possibility of a man with a gun on campus, De Back said.

Investigators believe Williams did not intend to shoot himself, but why he tried to blame it on someone else is unclear.

De Back said police obtained arrest warrants on misdemeanor charges from Municipal Court Judge William Tisdale.

Williams, of Biloxi, turned himself in at the police department on Friday.

He faces charges of false reporting of a crime, disturbing the peace of a public place and possession of a firearm at a city sports complex.

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