They had a sexual 'relationship' for 1 month, records show. He's 40. The victim was 15.

Cory and Ariel Skalla
Cory and Ariel Skalla Jackson County Adult Detention Center

An Ocean Springs man had sex with a minor in an apartment office, a gym, in a pickup truck, on a golf cart, in a bed, on an air mattress and other places, court records say.

But Cory William Skalla, 40, is accused of sex crimes against the boy, then 15, when he was led into Circuit Court on Thursday for his arraignment.

Skalla, who was charged along with his wife, Ariel, laughed and spoke to other jail detainees before Judge Dale Harkey called his case up.

Skalla's lawyer promptly announced to the judge that Skalla was waiving his arraignment following his 11-count indictment for sex crimes and entering a plea of not guilty.

A grand jury indicted Cory Skalla on six counts of sexual battery, two counts of touching for lustful purposes and one count of disseminating sexually explicit material to the teen.

Harkey set an Aug. 20 trial date.

According to the court records, Skalla gave the boy sexually explicit photos and had sex with him over a one-month period ending July 31, 2017.

His wife, Ariel, initially charged with two counts of touching the child for lustful purposes, has not yet been served any formal indictment in the case, but it is pending.

Over the course of the relationship, the court papers say, Skalla had sex with the boy on various occasions at the Skalla home, in a bedroom and in a shower and elsewhere.

If convicted of all the charges, Skalla could go to prison for life.

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