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Charges upgraded against wife, childhood friend in murder-for-hire plot

STONE COUNTY -- The wife of a Stone County businessman who authorities say planned for weeks to have her husband killed is facing an upgraded charge of capital murder in the killing, along with her childhood friend she allegedly recruited to help carry out the killing.

A Stone County grand jury indicted Evelyn Garrison, 53, her friend, Emmett Entrekin, 65, of Saucier, and his relative, Jody Parks, 22, of Biloxi, on one count each of capital murder in the Jan. 24, 2015, beating and stabbing death of Garrison's husband, Timothy "Timmy" Garrison Sr. The indictment was served Thursday morning.

Evelyn Garrison made the 911 call for help after the killing occurred at the Garrison family's business on Cable Bridge Road in the Ramsey Springs community. Stone County investigators initially thought Garrison had been shot because his injuries were so severe, but then later learned he'd been beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed to death.

Authorities served all three of their indictments Thursday morning at the Stone County jail, where they are being held without bond. Their arraignment is set for May 23.

Capital murder is a murder committed during the commission of a felony crime, in this case robbery. If convicted, all three could face a sentence of death or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Stone County sheriff's investigators initially arrested Evelyn Garrison and Entrekin on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, though investigators arrested Parks on a charge of capital murder at the time of his arrest.

Evelyn Garrison told investigators she had been planning the killing for weeks and recruited Entrekin to help her. Entrekin, authorities said, then ran into Parks at a Gulfport hospital while the two were there visiting a relative. Entrekin, Sheriff's Capt. Ray Boggs has said, enlisted Parks to carry out the killing and offered to pay him $15,000 to do it. He allegedly justified the act to Parks, Boggs said, by telling him Timmy Garrison had beaten his wife, even causing her to have miscarriages in the past.

Timmy Garrison's family disputed the allegations of any abuse.

All three, authorities said, admitted involvement in the alleged murder.

Evelyn Garrison even told investigators she had planned to have her husband killed the week before the murder, but had to delay it after her grandchildren stopped by their home for a visit. She also told investigators, Boggs said, that she wanted the killing to look like a robbery and told the others to steal her husband's Masonic ring, wallet and cash. She even told them what time to be at the property.

The first tip in the case came from Evelyn Garrison's brother, investigators said, when he told them Entrekin had called about three weeks before the killing to say Timmy Garrison was an "a--hole" who had abused his wife. Entrekin, Boggs said, also told the brother that he'd "'take care of it.'"

The day of Timmy Garrison's death, Entrekin told authorities he drove Parks to and from the Garrison property, stopped at a Kmart to a bat and gloves. The purchase was captured on video at the store.

Once at the Garrison property, Entrekin told investigators he and Parks waited for Timmy Garrison to come out of a cabin there.

Parks confessed to hitting Garrison with the bat and stabbing him once but said he then stopped because "'it didn't feel right,'" Boggs said.

Entrekin and Parks went to the Dollar General store and bought clothes for Parks to wear after the killing because he was covered in blood.

Entrekin later led authorities to a wooded area where they found the baseball bat allegedly used in the killing.

Authorities found a .44-caliber Magnum stolen from Garrison's home in Bernard Bayou in Gulfport. Investigators never found Timmy Garrison's wallet, a journal that was taken or the knife allegedly used in the stabbing.

After one court appearance in the case, Joan Doggett, Timmy Garrison's mother, told the Sun Herald her son "never laid a hand on his wife."

Her son, she said, "would have given her (Evelyn Garrison) anything."

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