Harrison County

Discovery Channel filming as first hole knocked in wall for Fishbone Alley

GULFPORT-- The Discovery Channel was filming a reality TV show downtown Wednesday as a contractor prepared to knock the first hole in a wall for access to Fishbone Alley, in this case from Corks & Cleaver Wine Bistro on 27th Avenue.

Partner and Executive Chef David Dickensauge said the Discovery Channel has been filming construction of new businesses associated with Corks & Cleaver, along with scenes of his family and revitalization in downtown Gulfport.

Dickensauge said Corks & Cleaver's business has been good enough since the restaurant opened in November that the family is expanding with two new businesses.

Fishbone Alley Market will open in a room on the first floor of the two-story building leased for the restaurant. It will offer deli sandwiches, cheeses and organic vegetables, and will have a clothing boutique on one side.

The room also is where the door is being created that will open onto Fishbone Alley. An aquarium facing the alley will be mounted into one of the market's walls, with a big fish hanging above the door, inviting pedestrians from the alley into the market. The alley, still under construction, will feature vertical landscaping, lighting, entertainment and art.

The Venue, a place for weddings, will open in the old Cadillac Building next to Corks & Cleaver. Dickensauge's sister, Kimmy Homrighausen, owns the businesses and does all the interior design. Their mother, Jeri Dickensauge, goes by the title "mama of the house."

Homrighausen said The Venue will hold 350. A bedroom upstairs will be a fun place for the bride and bridesmaids to dress, enjoy cocktails, have pictures taken and relax on a king-size bed. Downstairs, a courtyard will open onto Fishbone Alley.

Fishbone Market and The Venue are expected to open in a few weeks.

Homrighausen said prices at The Venue will be "ridiculously low."

"I love food and I love Gulfport," she said. "Gulfport is physically in my veins."