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Here's traffic plans for Biloxi Black Beach Weekend

Traffic plans for Biloxi Black Beach Weekend

Police in Biloxi and Gulfport have announced traffic-control plans to help avoid gridlock during this weekend's Biloxi Black Beach Weekend.

Activities will start Friday, but traffic on U.S. 90 in Biloxi is expected to get heavy Saturday, starting as early as noon and ending that night after a concert at the Coast Coliseum.

Biloxi police have a three-stage plan they use for large events. If traffic reaches a certain density, all drivers will be diverted away from the beach and directed to Interstate 10.

Gulfport has a plan that will go into effect if Biloxi begins having problems with gridlocked traffic.

Biloxi's plan

-- If traffic gets too heavy, police will close turning bays on U.S. 90 to keep cars moving.

-- If that doesn't help, police will shut down side streets to keep traffic moving east and west.

-- If traffic is still gridlocked, police would direct westbound drivers to Gulfport, north on Cowan Road and onto Interstate 10. Eastbound drivers would be sent to Interstate 110 north to I-10.

Gulfport's plan

-- Residents are urged to use Anniston Avenue and DeBuys Road as alternate routes.

-- If Biloxi police route traffic into Gulfport, all motorists on U.S. 90 will be turned north at Cowan Road and directed to I-10, then diverted east toward Biloxi.

-- Drivers headed south on Cowan from I-10 or entering Cowan from the west would be diverted to Pass Road. They would be allowed to go west on Pass or continue south on Cowan to U.S. 90, where they'll be able to turn only west.

-- All traffic entering Cowan Road from the east would be sent north to I-10, then east toward Biloxi.

-- The U.S. 90 service drive from DeBuys Road west will remain open to residents.

-- DeBuys Road will be closed to motorists between U.S. 90 north and CT Switzer Road except for residents.