Harrison County

Farm animals washing ashore in Biloxi

Capt. John Miller with the Biloxi Police Department.
Capt. John Miller with the Biloxi Police Department. SUN HERALD

BILOXI -- Since Monday, two goats, a hog and a half dozen chickens have washed ashore on Biloxi beach.

Initially, Police Chief John Miller said, a caller reported finding a hog, some chickens and a goat with its throat slashed.

The animals, he said, appeared to be tangled in a sheet.

Another day passed, he said, and the other animals started coming ashore.

"They are badly, badly decomposed," Miller said, and the pig's throat likely burst during decomposition.

"We don't know if they came from the Louisiana flooding or what," Miller said Friday. "But there is just nothing to indicate to us that this is animal cruelty. I guess somebody could have had animals on a boat out there, but I don't know why they would. It was just kind of odd. I just don't see any foul play. I'm sure they drowned in the high water in Louisiana and floated over here."

Biloxi police called in Harrison County's sand beach crews to help remove the animals.

Some, however, have been hard to get to, Miller said.

"They are right on the edge of the beach in a bay area, but they are hard to get to," he said.

Anyone who spots any other animals washing ashore should call the Biloxi Police Department at 228-392-0641.