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Gulfport man sees image of the devil in his driveway

Gulfport man says he sees the devil in his driveway. Do you see it?

Man first saw image after his sister placed a cross at his house
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Man first saw image after his sister placed a cross at his house

GULFPORT -- "I don't know. I will tell you it's absolutely nuts."

These are the first words from Jimmy McNeely when he described the "devilishly looking thing that has jumped up in my driveway."

It started about a year ago when his sister and some friends placed a cross outside his door to help him with an issue he was having with his mortgage.

"Within about two months," McNeely said, "the little eyeball on this guy showed up. Some people say it's a clown. I see the devil."

Man first saw image after his sister placed a cross at his house

McNeely, 55, originally saw the small image, about the size of a 50-cent piece, created by agate rock in the concrete near his house.

Earlier this week, he asked his letter carrier to take a look, and "he saw the bigger image," McNeely said.

Using a laser light, McNeely outlined what he sees.

"You almost have to really look at it for a second. Now think about that being a horn there, there's a horn there, and there's the top of the head. There's an eye." He goes on to describe the rest of the face, including a pointed chin.

"I hope you can see it, I can see it very vivid."

The original face McNeely saw serves as one eye for the larger image the letter carrier saw, which McNeely concurs with.

The letter carrier was unable to comment due to U.S. Postal Service rules.

"My ex-wife made a remark -- she said, 'You have to have evil eyes in order to see it.'"

"It almost looks like the 'Scream' mask," he said referring to the popular horror-film series. "Maybe, but not really. It depends on who's looking at it."

A skeptical friend told McNeely he could find images of almost anything in the driveway concrete.

"I've got a religious symbol 15 foot away from something that looks like evil coming out of my driveway," McNeely said.

"I just feel like there's something weird between this and that cross right there."