Harrison County

Coroner identifies body of man who fell from Interstate overpass

William Lester, 30, of Gautier lost his life early Friday when he fell from the Interstate 110 overpass and landed in a grassy area below.

Lester died from blows his body suffered when he hit the ground, said Harrison County Coronor Brian Switzer.

“It looks like it was an unfortunate accident,” said Switzer, who has notified Lester’s family.

Biloxi police found the body before 7 a.m. near Howard Avenue and the I-110 overpass. Lester was walking northbound when he fell, Switzer said.

A car registered to Lester had been in a minor accident around 3:30 a.m. on the southbound side of I-110 where the interstate splits at the U.S. 90 and Ocean Springs exits. The car hit the barrier at the split, Switzer said.

Lester was not with the car when police responded to the accident.

Switzer said Lester left behind a fiancé, child and parents.