Harrison County

Watch how this Coast police chief tried to ‘catch an alligator’ with a shopping cart

A typical day near Walmart on Pass Road in Gulfport ended with a very atypical sighting for the Papania family.

Angela Papania, wife of Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania, posted a video to Facebook of an alligator in the median right outside of the store.

After a few seconds of recording the alligator, Chief Papania enters the video, trying to get the alligator out of harm’s way using a shopping cart.

The alligator began to run and seemingly went under Papania’s car. Passengers in the vehicle urged Mrs. Papania to hurry up and close the driver’s door.

Papania captioned the video, “the perils of being married to a cop who thinks he can catch an alligator with a shopping cart.”

The video has more than 20,000 views.