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Gulfport native co-stars in new Valentine’s Day movie on Amazon

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A Gulfport native with 17 film credits is a co-star in “Loves Park,” an independent film released by Amazon on Valentine’s Day.

Locals may remember Adam Quirch from Gulfport High School, or from his acting at Center Stage in Biloxi, where he performed in “The Late Christopher Bean” and “Bedroom Farce.” Or from Ole Miss, where he studied to be a physical therapist.

Or maybe from Encore Rehab, where he worked before moving to Los Angeles to start a career in acting.

You may have seen in several films or in episodes of TV shows.

Now, he has “Loves Park” to add to his credits as he builds his career as an actor.

Work on the independent film began several years ago before the film was released in 2017. The release by Amazon on Thursday means people worldwide can see it.

“I’m probably more excited that my mother, her friends and co-workers and my family can get to see what I do on a project, me and my ridiculousness and chasing my dreams,” Quirch said.

His mother, Lisa Quirch, is the advertising manager at Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi. His father, Adrian Quirch, works in security at Memorial Hospital at Gulfport and is retired from the Air National Combat Readiness Training Center in Gulfport.

“His dad and I are both very proud of and excited for Adam,” his mother said.

Quirch said he fell into a role in “Loves Park,” a drama, through editor he had met while filming the movie “The Hollywouldn’ts,” released in 2016. A man who was playing the role of Benjamin in “Loves Park” had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict.

“I talked to the director, Carol Rhyu, and I said ‘alright, let’s do this.’” Rhyu did the movie soundtrack as well.

In the movie, Benjamin returns to his hometown of Loves Park, Illinois, with his pregnant housewife for his father’s funeral. His wife Edie, portrayed by Alexis Evelyn, is not happy when her husband decides to stay and take over his family’s business, and they begin to draw apart.

“The movie shows that what you expect life to be when you’re 15, 20, 22, takes turns and there’s sacrifices and hardships,” Quirch said. “As you grow up, you realize what it takes to build a happy family.”

His movie credits include “Kill All Politicians” (2017).

He has appeared in episodes of the TV series “Modern Mafia” (2016 to 2018), “Dialectable” (2015) and “#Currently” (2016) and in several short films, according to IMDb, an online database.

Quirch has a day job working for a souvenir business in LA.

“I clock in to my dreams when I clock out of work,” Quirch said. He spends his spare time auditioning for parts.

Quirch studied kinesiology — the study of body movements — at Ole Miss and set out to work in physical therapy before he listened to the lure of Hollywood.

Working at Encore Rehab gave him an opportunity to meet people of all ages, people recovering from an injury or surgery, he said.

“I enjoyed making that human connection to help them get better,” Quirch said.

Quirch loves the Mississippi Coast, but said he doesn’t get to visit often.

“I don’t get home too often, but Gulfport has always been like a treasure to me,” he said. “The Coast is something I’ve loved and it made me who I am. I carry it with me.”

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