Harrison County

Woman found dead by roadside in Harrison County had no identification, officials say

A woman found dead on the side of Mississippi 605 on Sunday had no identification on her, officials say.

She was white, had blonde hair and was wearing a gray shirt with pink trim, blue shorts and black tennis shoes with pink laces.

“We don’t know who she is or how long she had been there,” Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson said.

“She could be anywhere from 18 to 30.”

No information has been released on the possible cause of death.

Harrison County deputies were the first on scene after a man riding a bicyclist called for help about 2:32 p.m. Sunday. Emergency personnel responded along with the Mississippi Highway Patrol and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation at 228-539-4881.

Coroner Gary Hargrove said officials are holding back on some of the information they do know about the woman.

“If someone were to call about a missing woman, there are things we would ask, like how did she wear her hair when you last saw her? Was she partially blonde or completely blonde?,” Hargrove said.

The District Attorney’s Office was notified of the death, indicating she may have been the victim of a crime.

MBI is taking the lead in the investigation because the remains were found off the side of a state highway.

Authorities want to hear from anyone who may know who she is and where she had been before her remains were discovered.

To give a tip, call the Harrison County Coroner’s Office at 228-865-4290, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office at 228-897-1364 or the Mississippi Highway Patrol at 228-396-7400.

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