Harrison County

Remember when Afroman punched a woman at a Biloxi concert? Here’s how much he owes her.

Hip-hop artist and musician Afroman has agreed to pay $65,000 to a woman he sucker-punched while she danced behind him on stage at a concert in Biloxi.

The rapper, known for songs such as “Because I Got High,” must pay Haley Byrd of Niceville, Florida, in monthly installments of $10,000. If he doesn’t, he will owe her $125,000, according to a judgment filed Thursday in Harrison County Circuit Court.

Afroman also has agreed that he will not disparage, slander or libel Byrd, or make any negative comments about her publicly or privately, to include through the song “Stay Off the Stage” and video filmed in what looks like a courtroom. He wrote about Byrd after he slammed her to the floor when she got on stage during a free Mardi Gras concert in Biloxi in 2015.

Byrd, who had a boyfriend in Mississippi, was at the now-closed Kress Live nightclub on Fat Tuesday when she and another woman went up on stage and danced, said her attorney, Tim Holleman. The other woman stepped down but Byrd did not.

Byrd danced closer to him, came up behind him and he slammed her to the floor. The assault was videotaped and went viral.

“He didn’t seem to have any problem with the other woman dancing on stage,” Holleman said.

Byrd was 21 at the time and required medical and dental treatment for injuries to her jaw and teeth, her attorney said.

Byrd also sued the nightclub. That lawsuit has been settled.

Afroman, whose real name is Joseph Edgar Foreman, could have handled the concert incident differently, Holleman said.

“If he didn’t like it, he could have stopped the show and asked her to get off stage.”

Byrd filed a simple assault charge against Afroman in Biloxi Municipal Court, and he pleaded guilty. Afroman was able to avoid jail time by agreeing to take anger management classes and drug testing while on a six-month probation.

The lawsuit was set for trial Tuesday.

It’s not the first time Afroman has been in trouble. He was filmed on video throwing a customer off stage in December 2014. Another video shows him slamming a man off the stage after the 2015 incident in Biloxi.

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