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This homebuilder promised a warranty. Buyers say they got a ‘total nightmare’ instead.

They thought new homes would be maintenance-free, but a number of Coast home buyers tell the Sun Herald they have discovered serious problems with their Adams Homes and encountered delay after delay in getting the company to follow through with repairs.

Adams, founded in Florida in 1991, has built hundreds of homes on the Mississippi Coast and throughout the Southeast.

Home buyers in two subdivisions off Canal Road — Cardinal Pointe and Canal Crossing — describe flooding and other problems with their new houses. They say their efforts to work with Adams have been frustrating, at best.

These Adams homebuyers and others have taken to Facebook neighborhood groups and posted online reviews to describe their frustrations. At least one lawsuit is pending against Adams, filed in Harrison County Court by a resident of Cardinal Pointe.

A representative of Adams did not respond Tuesday to a request from the Sun Herald for comment on the issues homeowners are facing. The Mississippi Board of Contractors, which licenses and regulates the construction industry, reports no recent complaints against Adams Homes.

Several residents of Cardinal Pointe talked to the Sun Herald this week in the subdivision. Two residents described flooding during and after rainstorms that have left water standing in their garages. Adams’ attempts to have the problems corrected have failed, they say.

A resident of Canal Crossing said her master bedroom flooded three times before the problem was corrected. TaTaneka Moore said she is waiting for another big rain to see if the third repair worked.

“I’m a first-time homebuyer — first in my family to build from the ground up,” Moore said. “It should be something I’m proud of. It’s been a total nightmare.”

Moore posted a review about her house on the Adams Homes MS Gulf Coast Facebook page.

She ended her post by saying, “The company doesn’t exist after closing.”

Three homebuyers in Cardinal Pointe all say they have had problems with flooding.

First-time homebuyer and newlywed Justin Hutchinson filed a work order with Adams back in July about his garage:

“Water is coming in the garage during heavy rain,” he wrote, “reaching hot water heater in garage. Sheetrock behind hot water has a water stain on wall from apparent leak in wall.”

Hutchinson said the problem is still not fixed, although workers have come out twice to attempt repairs. He sent the Sun Herald a photo of water leaking into the garage during a rainfall Tuesday.

His next door neighbor, Andy Collins, said water runs from his yard into the front of his garage. One attempt at repair left a muddy mess beside his driveway.

“Every time, I get completely stonewalled,” Collins said, “or I just get an excuse.”

He said that he checked out Adams online before buying, but ignored bad reviews. “I looked at them before and discounted them,” he said, “because I wanted the cheapest price. I’ll admit it.”

One of their neighbors across Cardinal Lane, Chance Donahoe, said he has had numerous problems with his home, including sloppy finish work on the interior. A Seabee, Donahoe said he redid the interior trim himself.

His garage also leaks, he believes from a crack in the concrete foundation. His yard washes out, front and back, from rainfall. He is building a retaining wall in the back yard to try and keep out the runoff. A trampoline sits atop one corner of the back yard, where the ground stays so wet it smells like mildew.

Red dirt covers part of the sidewalk in front of his house, having washed from beneath the sod on his lawn.

Collins said: “We’re stuck with it now. We at least want other people to know what they’re getting into before they sign the paperwork.”

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