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He blames himself for a wreck that injured his 3 boys, but he wasn’t the driver

William, Kieler and Kristopher Young, from left, are shown last year with Santa, the three siblings they acquired by their father’s marriage, and one of Santa’s elves.
William, Kieler and Kristopher Young, from left, are shown last year with Santa, the three siblings they acquired by their father’s marriage, and one of Santa’s elves.

Three Vicksburg children are struggling to overcome serious injuries after the car they were traveling in struck a culvert head-on in Gulfport.

Will Young, 11, remains hospitalized and is in stable condition. He has undergone seven surgeries in two weeks and more surgeries are expected. Will can open his eyes but has been unable to speak since the Oct. 29 crash. He is bed-bound with abdominal issues and has a breathing tube as he lays in the intensive care unit at the USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital in Mobile.

His younger brothers, Kieler, 9, and Kristopher, 8, are now at home and in back braces for a few months.

All three may need spine surgery.

Their father, Billy Young, wants his boys healed first and foremost. But he also wants justice. He wants the driver arrested.

The driver is his ex-wife, Sabrina Young. She was speeding in a Chevy Aveo the Sunday afternoon of the crash about 3:53 p.m. near Racetrack Road, according to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.

Records show her license was expired.

No charges have been filed. Sheriff’s Lt. Coley Judy said the investigation continues.

“My son is disfigured for life,” Billy Young said.

“This is devastating for my boys, for my entire family.”

The boys and a fourth passenger wore seat belts.

The crash caused Will’s intestines to separate, Young said. His stomach muscles and skin were removed and he developed an infection, requiring a separate surgery.

Surgeons have placed a mesh over the missing tissue from above his naval and across his stomach in hopes that his skin can regrow, the father said. Will also sustained a hairline fracture on the bottom of his spine and a cut lip that required plastic surgery. He has been wearing boots to keep his feet straight and undergoing some physical therapy in bed.

The boys are among six children in a blended family.

Young and his wife, Lauren Young, have been married four years. Young has custody of his three sons. His wife has custody of her two daughters and a son.

The couple have been unable to work since the crash.

Billy Young is lead mechanic at B&G Automotive in Vicksburg. His wife is a cook at a business near their home in Vicksburg.

“She’s taking care of all the children while I stay here at the hospital,” Young told the Sun Herald.

“This is extremely hard for us to be separated. I won’t leave this hospital until my son is released.”

He had planned to come to the Coast for his grandson’s birthday party the weekend of the crash. The boys hadn’t seen their mother in months but wanted to spend time with her, he said.

“I’ve got to live with the fact I allowed this to happen,” Young said.

“I blame myself for my judgment. I just hate myself for ever allowing them to go. All I had to do was say ‘no.’ They love their mama. They’re such sweet little boys. I hated to keep them from their mama.”

Young’s daughter has set up a Facebook page called Justice for Young Boys.

The page also has a link to a Go Fund Me account, Help For Expenses.

The initial goal of $500 has been met.

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