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God was taking care of her, she said. ‘God sent you here so we could find you,’ he replied.

Keith Fayard speaks with customers at Fayard's Poboy shop on Monday. Fayard found a missing Baton Rouge woman in a room of a home he is building and helped get her to safety.
Keith Fayard speaks with customers at Fayard's Poboy shop on Monday. Fayard found a missing Baton Rouge woman in a room of a home he is building and helped get her to safety. John Fitzhugh

A Biloxi business owner known for his po-boys found a missing Baton Rouge woman after stopping by a house he is building to check on supplies.

A construction worker employed by Keith Fayard of Fayard’s Poboys on Popp’s Ferry Road had found Linda Thompson, but didn’t know who she was or what to do about it.

Thompson, 67, had been missing since she was last seen at her home Oct. 27. Her 2005 Lexus was found later that day in the median on Interstate 10 near Interstate 110 in D’Iberville.

Her car had run out of gas, Biloxi Police Sgt. Christopher De Back said after she was found Monday morning, about 145 miles from her home.

Thompson had spent the night in a home Fayard is building on Lucious Drive, just off Brodie Road. Fayard lives in a subdivision nearby and is building the home to sell.

Fayard said he was surprised when he stopped by the construction site and worker told him there was a lady in one of the bedrooms.

“She was sitting up in bed and had a Bible in her hand. I asked, ‘How are you doing and what are you doing here?’”

The woman told him she had just stayed at the home Sunday night, and had been staying “all over” before that, he said.

He asked if she was hungry and when was the last time she’d eaten.

“She said she hadn’t,” Fayard said.

“She told me, ‘God is taking care of it.’ I told her ‘God is taking care of it. God sent you here so we could find you.”

There was no sign of food or drinks in sight. He offered to get her some food.

“That’s what you do if somebody’s hungry,” Fayard said.

Fayard left and returned with a hamburger and some roast beef sandwiches and told her to stay there and eat while he drove over to Home Depot to pick up some building supplies for his worker.

On the way, he called his friend Bobby Mahoney, of Mary Mahoney’s Old French House restaurant, and told him about the woman.

Mahoney remembered seeing a news report of a missing Baton Rouge woman. He copied a picture of the missing woman from a news report and sent it to Fayard. It was Thompson.

missing woman
Linda Thompson of Baton Rouge, La., disappeared Oct. 27. She was found in a home under construction in Biloxi on Monday morning. Her car had been found abandoned in D’Iberville later the day she was last seen. D’Iberville Police Department

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation had issued a Silver Alert for her on Friday.

As far as police know, Thompson doesn’t know anyone in Biloxi, Police Major Christopher De Back said.

“She didn’t look homeless,” Fayard said.

“She looked in great shape. But I don’t know how she made it that long without food and water. There’s a faucet outside so she may have gotten some water from the faucet.”

Fayard said he returned to the house and asked the woman if she is Linda Thompson. She said yes.

“We had a good talk about running away, getting along, about depression,” he said.

“I told her everybody has issues. I told her, ‘it’s not safe for you to be alone.’”

Police came and took her to the police department and she received a medical checkup, an official said.

“It’s just astonishing what can happen in a day and that everything turned around right,” Fayard said.

“God bless her. I’m really happy that she’s going to be OK.”

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