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This 9-year-old ‘Daredevil’ has no fear of competitive gymnastics

On the surface, Marvel Comics hero Matt Murdock and 9-year-old Breanna Bodin may not have a lot in common — Murdock is a fictional character who is blind and practices law. Breanna is a 9-year-old girl who loves gymnastics. But what they do have in common is what happens when the both put on a leotard and a pair of tights — Murdock becomes Daredevil, the masked hero of New York, commonly known as the “man without fear.”

And Breanna’s coach says the same thing is true for the gymnast.

“We call her our ‘Daredevil’ because she doesn’t have any fear,” said Breanna’s coach, Terry Dalson, who owns Brook-Lin Center for Gymnastics in Pass Christian. “She’s fearless.”

Breanna on Friday was one of several gymnast competing in the Mississippi State Gymnastics competition at the Mississippi Coast Convention Center. The road to the competition was a rough one for Breanna. Just last week, she fell ill with the flu and lost 10 pounds in the process.

But it did not diminish her desire to compete.

“I like to flip,” Breanna said.

Dalson said Breanna’s real strength is on the balance beam, where her skill and abilities allowed her to move up to levels.

“She is fearless on the beam,” Dalson said. “It’s hard to get kids to not be scared of the balance beams — she moved up two levels at a time and that’s a big accomplishment.”

Although Dalson said she appreciated Breanna’s lack of fear, she said there are other reasons she has been successful.

“She has a good athletic ability and she works hard,” Dalson said. “She’s also very dedicated.”

As Breanna prepared for her events by doing stretches and some other warm up exercises with her teammates, she said was not afraid of competing against other gymnast from across the state.

But certainly the young Daredevil is afraid of something, right?

“No, not really,” Breanna said.