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The beer will be ‘cold as ice’ when ‘hot blooded’ rock band Foreigner visits the Kiln

Foreigner members Bruce Watson and Michael Bluestein will make an appearance at Lazy Magnolia Brewery on Wednesday.
Foreigner members Bruce Watson and Michael Bluestein will make an appearance at Lazy Magnolia Brewery on Wednesday. Courtesy Foreigner

Rock ‘n’ roll and beer are natural partners and members of the classic rock band Foreigner know this.

Foreigner guitarist Bruce Watson and keyboardist Michael Bluestein will be hosting a “VIB,” you know, very important beer, event at 6 p.m. at Lazy Magnolia Brewery in the Kiln. And while the band will not be performing live — they’ll be doing that Friday night at the IP Casino Resort — Watson and Bluestein will be signing autographs, taking photos, hanging out, and mostly, sampling the selection of beers at Lazy Magnolia.

“This is something we’ve been doing for about a year, but of course we’ve been drinking beer for decades,” Watson said in an interview with the Sun Herald. “Michael and I love beer.”

Watson said the VIB concept came about “very organically.”

“It was suggested that we become Certified Beer Servers, which includes learning a lot about the history of beer and how it’s made, so we informed ourselves and passed that test and it allows us to go into various cities around the country and liaison with local breweries,” Watson said. “It’s a win-win because it allows our fans to try some beers in their community and it unites rock ‘n’ roll and beer and the bottom line is it’s a lot of fun.”

Although Watson and Bluestein aren’t brewers, he said they hope to do it down the road.

“We want to do it, but we tour so much that’s it been hard to focus on doing it, but we will in the future,” he said.

According to the Brewers Association, craft beer contributed about $67.8 billion to the economy in 2016. Beer has moved from the six-pack on the weekend to a more refined drink, with more than 100 types of styles and thousands of flavors.

“I love a fresh well-made pilsner, which is just as good as the hoppiest IPA (India Pale Ale) to me,” Watson said. “But I do love them all, but I like them without added flavors because the brewing process can make the beers adapt flavors such as coffee-like or with chocolate notes — beer in the U.S. has definitely come along from Miller Lite and Heineken.”


  • Very Important Beer Event with Bruce Watson and Michael Bluestein of Foreigner
  • Lazy Magnolia Brewery at 7030 Roscoe Turner Road in the Kiln
  • 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 15
  • Tickets are available at Eventbrite.