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Community mourns as kids, teen laid to rest

Janet Hennessee gave Casey Havard a long hug outside Freeman Funeral Home on Wednesday.

Havard is the father of Spencer Havard, 16, one of three children killed in a car crash Saturday.

Hennessee is a long-time friend of Jackie Dixon, the mother of all three, who is still in the hospital.

A funeral for the children began with a visitation Wednesday morning.

“I just want to say that Spencer would have done anything to love his sisters and his momma. He loved his momma and he loved his daddy,” Casey Havard said. “And I want everyone to know that Spencer is a good boy, has been a good boy, and he’s going to be a good boy. He’s in heaven right now with my daddy.”

The single-car crash occurred about 3:45 p.m. Saturday on Mississippi 198, just east of Depot Road.

Sierra Jean Dixon, 7, Terra Dixon, 9, and Spencer Havard were killed.

Joday Baxter, 21, Demi Ferguson, 7, and Jackie Dixon, 39, were also injured in the crash. Baxter and Ferguson were treated and released. Jackie Dixon was taken to the University of South Alabama Medical Center in critical condition.

The driver, Jesse Edward Dickerson, is accused of fleeing the scene and has been arrested on four counts of leaving the scene of an accident causing serious bodily injury or death. Officers found him in the woods near the crash site.

Casey Havard said he forgave Dickerson.

“God loves him just like he loves he,” he said. “I got a bible right over in that truck. I’m going to ask the warden in George COunty if I can give it to him because I know I’m standing here because of God.”

Hennessee said she hasn’t been able to visit Dixon for two days because of complications, but will return to the hospital with Dixon’s mother after the funeral.

Hennessee said family is devastated.

“There’s three innocent lives” that were lost, she said, as she stood outside the funeral home where three hearses were parked, waiting to take the children to the cemetery.

“Total devastation, there’s no other way to put that.”

A steady stream of mourners arrived at the funeral home before the scheduled start of visitation. Many children were among the mourners.

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