Two Biloxi beach restaurants, Bay St. Louis cafe cited for health violations

It took a few inspections to clear up the issues and now Shaggy’s Gril at 1763 Beach Blvd., Biloxi has satisfied the Department of Health requirements.

The restaurant was inspected April 19 after a complaint. Corrected during the inspection were four violations of not having proper cold holding temperatures, proper cooling time and temperatures, food separated and protected or bare hand contact with ready to eat foods.

Shaggy’s was cited on March 12 for not having toxic substance identified, stored and used, which was corrected at the follow-up inspection.

On April 19, the restaurant had a critical violation for not having hot and cold water available at adequate pressure. A follow-up inspection on Monday, April 22 showed the issue hadn’t been fixed, but it was corrected by the next day during for another follow-up on Tuesday.

El Saltillo Restaurant No. 4 at 2650 Beach Blvd., Biloxi, was cited for not having adequate hand-washing facilities supplied and accessible when the Mexican restaurant was inspected Monday, April 22. Corrected during the inspection was food separated and protected. The restaurant scored As on two previous inspections in 2018.

El Saltillo No. 2 restaurant at 920 Cedar Lake Road, Biloxi, was cited March 9 for four violations, three of which were corrected during the inspection.

MacBe Seafood & Cafe, 13029 Mississippi 603, Bay St. Louis, was inspected April 19 after a complaint. Corrected during the inspection were four issues: improper eating, tasting, drinking or tobacco use; adequate hand washing facilities supplied and accessible; proper cold holding temperatures and proper date marking and disposition.

The restaurant was cited with a critical violation of not having a person in charge present who demonstrates knowledge and performs duty. MacBe also got a C for required records available shell stock tags parasite destruction (records not available during inspection that show that shellfish parasites have been destroyed). The restaurant had As on two previous inspections in 2018 and January 2019

Restaurants and other food service establishments are rated A if they pass the Health Department inspection, B if violations are corrected during the inspection and C if the violations are critical.