These are some of our favorite videos of 2017. And some of yours, too.

A frame grab from a security camera shows a woman taking a set of golf clubs from the porch of a Biloxi house on Monday, May 8, 2017. The surveillance video was the most popular of the year on sunherald.com.
A frame grab from a security camera shows a woman taking a set of golf clubs from the porch of a Biloxi house on Monday, May 8, 2017. The surveillance video was the most popular of the year on sunherald.com. Courtesy of Kieren Rouse

Video is an important part of the way we tell our readers the stories of South Mississippi at SunHerald.com. In 2017, we produced more than 1,000 videos to support stories published on our website. Here are our photographers’ favorites and some of the most popular with our readers this year.

John Fitzhugh

Picking favorite videos is different from picking favorite photos. Photos have an immediate visceral affect. They either work or they don’t. All technical aspects have to be perfect before they will be considered. Videos, on the other hand, aren’t as much about the image as it is the message. It is a total package thing. Since I’m still learning how to produce videos, I look at how well I executed as well as the completed project in selecting these.

I had a lot of fun with this one, from conception to execution. I love the idea of a spoof of a drug problem news story. Jeff’s setup was spot on and the people I interviewed, especially the principal, were perfect.

This is more about the message than the video itself. It is technically good, but the teacher’s mission to help kids that struggled like she did, shines.

I had fun shooting this one because I enjoyed watching Olina working with the people in the program and the love they showed back to her.

The message of this video is so strong. People helping people. The ones who helped the vet and the vet’s desire to pay back those who had helped him once he got into the VA hospice. It’s a shame that it was his death that the story was told around.

I felt like all the Sophia videos were strong. The concept of grieving a child that is living was so well stated by Angel Myers and so well summed up what their life had become.

Amanda McCoy

I’ve covered Mardi Gras on the Coast for a decade now and wanted to do something different at a parade. It combines some flashy editing with some personality for a fun video.

This was a very powerful interview. It was important to me that viewers be able to see some of Jaxon’s amazing personality and love for life even though his is a heartbreaking story. I think the strength of this video lies in Tyler and Salena Schoenberger’s words and the videos of Jaxon that they so generously shared with the Sun Herald.

On the editing side, this is the video that I’m most proud of. It’s different from the others in that it involved scripting, storyboarding and animation. I tried my best to visually portray the evolution of the Sun Herald to match its story, from manually recording movement of old newspaper films on our microfiche reader to digital animation in After Effects.

The family invited a reporter and myself to accompany them on the anniversary of losing Vanessa Mauffray. It was important that her story not be forgotten and I was touched and honored to be there.

When I was covering this story I heard over and over again how Ted Hearn had changed their lives. He is doing good work and it was a pleasure to spend time with him and show what he does for the community.

I enjoyed using a different editing style than I normally use to share voices that the majority of the Coast may not have heard from before.

Reader favorites

We know our audience. And our audience loves a good crime story. But the story and accompanying video of a woman walking up to a front porch and taking a man’s golf clubs was caught on a surveillance camera. Our readers watched, passed it on, and helped catch the suspect.

Reporter Karen Nelson was working on a story about a Round Island dredge project had begun and while the island looked inviting, it was a dangerous quagmire. An official with MDEQ captured on video the sight of a rock being thrown into the quicksand and how quickly it sank. Readers were amazed.

Mary Perez covered a Biloxi City Council meeting where the mayor and council discussed the effectiveness of a proposed city homeless shelter in Biloxi. The lightning rod issue resonated with readers.