5 ways to reach younger customers

Spending by millennials out-pace the global average.
Spending by millennials out-pace the global average. TNS

Millennials account for about $200 million in buying power in America, according to Forbes.

So how do you get these teens and 20-somethings into your stores and snag them as repeat customers?

The answers are simple. And they span all age groups, really.

1. Millennials are loyal but not to brands

The 20-something young professionals are loyal to themselves — not to stores or brands. Many of them have debt — credit card debt, student loans or car notes — but they often tackle two or three jobs to have money to spend, and they look for honesty from businesses.

They don’t want to see advertisements that tell them what your store has to offer that is different or unique, not what brand is exclusive to your business.

2. Social media is king

It’s 2016. I’ve been late for work before because I turned around a block from the office to go pick up my cellphone.

Everyone — not just young people — rely on social media to tell them everything. If you don’t update your Facebook page at least twice a week, then you aren’t doing it right.

Post photos, use hashtags, and provide testaments to the products you sell. And did I mention post photos? Also, answer messages and respond to comments.

If someone posts a negative comment, be professional and do what you can to make it right. Actions speak louder than words.

3. Make sure contact info is easy to find

When someone searches your business name on Google, make sure the business address, phone number, website, contact email and hours of operation are the first thing a potential customer sees.

Nobody wants to click on multiple links to find out when your doors or open. They also don’t want to download an app to see your menu.

4. Ask shoppers to tell their friends

Millennials trust their friends and are likely to take their advice. Offer incentives or a refer a friend program. A little discount goes a long way.

Also ask them to rate your business on Facebook.

5. Use professional photos

Nobody wants to see a low-quality iPhone 4 photo when looking at content online. Pay the extra money to make your product look good, and the clients will follow.