This South Mississippi personal trainer brings fitness to your front door

A plyometric box can be used for several different movements during a workout — a person can step or jump onto the box, squat and step over the box, or it can be used to make pushups a bit more challenging.

For Krystyna Schmitt of Diamondhead, “plyo day,” as she calls it, is her least-favorite part of her personal trainer’s programming. Schmitt said it’s challenging, but she always notices a difference — and good soreness — the morning after her workout.

Schmitt works full-time and is a mother to a toddler, Ollie, and said she wanted to get in shape for a family trip to Disney World later this year. Schmitt’s workout plan includes 50-minute sessions three to four times every week. But she doesn’t have to go to a gym after work or schedule an appointment at a workout facility with a personal trainer. Thanks to Tyler Cambre, Schmitt can work up a sweat and burn calories in the privacy of her own home and the comfort of her living room.

What is a wandering workout?

Cambre, 25, is the face — and coach — of Wandering Workout, a personal training plan that brings fitness to a client’s front door.

All of his equipment is compact and mobile and can fit easily in tight spaces. Many of his clients train in their living room, garage or carport. Cambre, a certified personal trainer, said he first conducts a physical assessment on a client to determine workout plans and then creates a schedule based upon the client’s need. He has clients that workout at 6 a.m. before work and clients who prefer to do their 50-minute class in the evening. And that’s fine with Cambre; his schedule is flexible around the wants and wishes of the client.

“I realized there are people out there that don’t want to go to the gym but want to work out,” Cambre said. “People are most comfortable in their home. Originally I was thinking of (renting) a studio, but that did not cut out the inconvenience of traveling to the gym.”

So, as Cambre began acquiring equipment, he made sure to buy things that were durable yet easy to store. All of it fits in a small space inside of his own Diamondhead condo.

And Cambre doesn’t only just make house calls. He said he would be willing to train on a client’s lunch break or hold group workouts for a business or company.

Cambre said he will travel just about anywhere in South Mississippi to train a client.

How does the scheduling work?

The workouts are created for each individual person because they are dependent upon fitness level and physical capability, Cambre said.

From there, he plans sessions that include stretches, warm-ups and cool downs. And Cambre said clients aren’t doing the same movements over and over again.

“Nobody wants to get burned out. It discourages people,” he said.

Clients can expect to have plyometric sessions, days where the workout is solely focused on core and cardio training and weight training classes.

“It’s a slow progression to get to (personal) goal,” he said.

Cambre, who graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in business, said he has five clients now but hopes to be able to expand west into the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area. At that point, he said he would hire another personal trainer.

Is it easy to schedule a physical assessment?

Cambre said he loves being a personal trainer and chose to open his business because he wanted to help others reach their fitness goals without the pressure and intimidation of a gym.

“The private training creates a bonding experience as well,” he said.

To find out more about Wandering Workout or to schedule a consultation, visit Cambre’s website.