Tips for using cell phones during hurricanes

Cell phone hurricane tips

Before the storm:

-- Charge your primary wireless phone battery

-- Secure backup batteries and charger in a dry, accessible location

-- Take photos and videos of important possessions and send them to your email address for insurance claims

-- Program emergency phone numbers into your phone or email address book

-- Download free weather and safety apps

After the storm:

-- Limit your personal calls so capacity is available for emergency calls

-- Send text messages, which don't tax the network as heavily and are more likely to get through during network congestion

-- Charge your mobile phone in your car during electrical power outages

-- Reduce backlight on your cell phone to minimum levels to conserve battery life

-- When battery is extremely low, turn the phone off when it's not in use

-- Use your phone's camera to document damage and send photos and video to insurance agents

-- C Spire