Singing River, Ochsner team up on medical helicopter

Singing River Health System and Ochsner Health System are working together to bring lifesaving helicopter transportation to South Mississippi.

Ochsner Flight Care Program, operated by Med-Trans Corp., now has a helicopter based at Ocean Springs Hospital and available to provide emergency air transport for critically ill and injured patients. The Flight Care team can respond within minutes to emergencies such as car wrecks, heart attacks, strokes and other time-sensitive medical situations.

Patients are flown to the most appropriate medical facility in the region.

"This is a great example of two leading health-care systems working together to enhance the care and services of our area," said Kevin Holland, CEO of Singing River Health System.

"In many cases, we are the first responders to the scene," said Dr. Jeffrey Kuo, medical director for Ochsner Flight Care. "Our flight crew can quickly assess the scene and then coordinate the transport with a local hospital's emergency department to make sure the patient's care is seamless."

The helicopter is staffed by a pilot, a specially trained critical-care registered nurse and a critical care paramedic.