Regions Bank again named a 'Great Workplace'

Regions Bank is a winner of the 2016 Gallup Consulting Great Workplace Award.

The award recognizes organizations that create an engaged workplace culture across teams, departments and locations to drive real business outcomes. This is the second consecutive year Regions has won the award.

Regions is one of 35 companies worldwide recognized by Gallup. These organizations had an average ratio of 14 engaged employees to one actively disengaged employee. This is more than seven times what Gallup found in nationally representative U.S. polling and more than 21 times what Gallup found in nationally representative polling in 142 countries worldwide.

"One of our strategic priorities is to 'Build the Best Team,'" said Regions Chairman Grayson Hall, "and a key driver to achieve this goal is to create a culture of engagement at Regions."

Gallup's research indicates increasing engagement in the workplace leads to higher productivity, profitability and customer ratings, as well as lower turnover and absenteeism and fewer safety incidents.