Ocean Springs Hospital provides mock interviews for students

Second-year health-science students from Ocean Springs High School recently participated in mock interviews at Ocean Springs Hospital.

Singing River Health System has continued its support of health-science students from seven high schools in Jackson County plus Biloxi High, which was added to the program at the school's request.

More than 300 first- and second-year students interested in future careers in health care participated. First-year students got group tours of 10 to 15 departments in the hospital and second-year students are allowed a more in-depth experience in one of those areas.

SRHS' webmaster created a website just for students to submit mock applications and Judy Dalgo, instructor of Health Science at Ocean Springs High School, said students were interviewed for a job by a professional team.

Students were evaluated on first impression, resumé presentation, professional dress, attitude, content of answers and speaking ability. Students who earned the top three scores were announced as "new mock hires" with Ocean Springs Hospital.