Virtual reality demo set for Saturday at Gulfport GameStop

Courtesy of HTC Vive 
 HTC Vive head set
Courtesy of HTC Vive HTC Vive head set

Seeing is believing when GameStop at 9350 U.S. 49 in the Gulfport Plaza shares a demo of virtual reality technology Saturday.

Also presented by HTC Vive will be a virtual reality demo station, taking customers through a virtual reality demo loop of theBlu underwater experience, Space Pirate Trainer space video game and Tilt Brush, where controllers are used as a paintbrush and a palette.

This is GameStop's first local site for Vive demos, which are open to the public for individual sessions.

The HTC Vive room-scale technology allows users to walk around and explore all the virtual worlds. To keep players safe and protected from bumping into objects or walls in the real world, the Chaperone System feature will warn users with a blue grid, or "virtual fence," of the object in front of the user, or if the user is at the edge of the play space.

Customers will be able use the Vive with more than 120 game titles now available on SteamVR using an Alienware Area-51 PC. Customers can preorder only at the Gulfport store for June delivery.