Kool Smiles provides dental care for underserved

Dentists at Kool Smiles, a provider of dental care for under-served children and families in Mississippi, have provided more than $8 million in uncompensated dental care since 2005.

The company, which has an office in Biloxi, said in a press release its uncompensated dental-care program has helped more than 69,000 patients who did not have access to dental insurance and could not afford to pay out of pocket.

"We aim to provide a dental home to every family who needs one by accepting insurance plans -- including Medicaid -- that many dentists don't," said Brad Bryan, managing dental director for Kool Smiles in Mississippi.

Founded in 2002, Kool Smiles has five affiliated dental practices in the state, primarily in under-served communities that historically have lacked access to dental care. Kool Smiles dentists offer care to kids and adults with almost any insurance plan and provide oral-health education programs through partnerships with local schools and organizations.