#Eyebrowsonfleek Coast permanent cosmetics artists cater to growing beauty trend

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Azha Sanders performs permanent cosmetics at Twisted Anchor in Ocean Springs.
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Azha Sanders performs permanent cosmetics at Twisted Anchor in Ocean Springs.

Some want eyebrows like model Cara DeLevigne. After all, a quick #eyebrowsonfleek -- a trending hashtag on Instagram that was used about 644,000 times last week -- reveals that some users post photos of her as the brow inspiration.

Others want full lips. Kylie Jenner's first cosmetic lip kit line -- which can also be tracked on Instagram by searching for #kylelipkit or #lipkitbykyle -- sold out the first the day it was released, according to the Lip Kit by Kylie website. But for many, sculpting eyebrows, drawing on eye liner and perfecting a full, pouty lip is time-consuming.

And that's why the permanent cosmetics trend is growing at a steady pace. It benefits a variety of women -- those who have light or thin eyebrows, those who want to spend less time getting ready in the morning, and those who just don't feel like drawing on eyebrows or putting on lip liner every single day, Coast professionals said.

"We draw our eyebrows on all of the time for fashion, so it would benefit us," said Azha Sanders, a tattoo artist at Twisted Anchor in Ocean Springs. "It's less time in the morning getting ready."

The 27-year-old took an eight-day course on permanent cosmetics in Arlington, Texas, and now offers eyebrows, eyeliner and lips to clients. Sanders, who is from Jackson, moved to the Coast in April 2015 to work at Matt Stebly's shop. Her completed certificates in permanent cosmetic applications add to her repertoire and will hopefully bring more clients to her tattoo station.

She said she saw pictures on social media of hair stroke permanent eyebrows, an application that resembles natural hair follicles.

"I was very intrigued by it, so I thought it would be a good skill to have," Sanders said. "I like doing makeup myself, so I thought it would be a good skill to have."

Natural looking eyebrows applied via permanent cosmetics was something Sanders had never seen before. And she thinks being able to permanently tattoo on a client's face and have them look as natural as possible is a huge benefit to the new technique.

"I don't think it's a trend that will go away," she said. "I think it will be something timeless -- to have structured eyebrows or to have your eyeliner done."

Azha Sanders performs permanent cosmetics at Twisted Anchor in Ocean Springs.

And Sanders is one of only a handful of artists who are qualified to apply permanent cosmetics on the Coast.

Gina Sawyer, owner of Permanent Cosmetics by Gina, has been perfecting her craft for seven years. She works inside of Livewell MD on the corner of Popps Ferry Road and Cedar Lake Road in Biloxi.

"Especially with eyebrows, people are going with the hair stroke look which I have perfected," Sawyer said. The trend for permanent eyebrows used to resemble a "drawn on line," Sawyer said. But more people are going for the more natural option.

"Some people still want that, but I really go for the natural look because I'm very conservative," she said. Sawyer, who gives clients a free consultation, does her work in two sessions. She said she usually goes lighter on the first appointment. If her client wants a more dramatic end result, she adds more on the second appointment.

Sanders and Sawyer said they both have gone through extensive training. They both can tattoo eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

"I learned how to apply micro pigmentation to eyebrows, eyeliner and lips through the use of tattoo machines and hand tools," Sanders said. "I learned how different pigments settle into people's skin. A large portion of it was color theory."

Sanders left Texas certified in micro pigmentation and microblading, the art of using a hand tool to apply the permanent makeup.

The process is very precise and lengthy, and Sanders said a lot goes into the planning portion of tattooing on eyeliner or eyebrows before she actually gets her client in a chair.

"There's so many factors involved," she said. "I do personal measurements with their face shape and size, and then we go from there."

Face tattoos, Sanders said, don't last as long as traditional tattoos because of pigmentation, so it takes two sessions to complete.

And permanent cosmetics doesn't just appeal to women.

Sawyer said she's had quite a few male clients, and Sanders said she can also do hairline restoration for men.

Sawyer has also done work on women who have had mastectomies. She said the best thing about her job is "making ladies feel good about themselves and saving them time."

Prices for permanent cosmetics vary.

People interested in consultation and pricing can reach Azha Sanders at 215-1611. Gina Sawyer can be reached at 233-8335.

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