There's an app for price match

There's an app for price match

Consumer expert Clark Howard makes it his business to share money-saving tips with listeners to his the nationally syndicated radio program, The Clark Howard Show.

Many shoppers know Wal-Mart will match other retailers' prices, he said, but shoppers may not be aware some retailers will match Wal-Mart's "everyday low prices."

Shopping blogger Kyle James did the research and found 19 stores that will match Wal-Mart prices:

-- Babies R Us

-- Best Buy

-- Bed Bath & Beyond

-- Dick's Sporting Goods

-- hhgregg

-- Home Depot

-- JC Penney

-- Kohl's

-- Lowe's

-- Michaels

-- Office Depot

-- Office Max

-- Petco

-- Sears

-- Sports Authority

-- Staples

-- Target

-- Toys R Us

-- West Marine

The price matching begins with downloading the free Wal-Mart app, If you're out shopping and find an item you want to buy, check the Wal-Mart app. If Wal-Mart has a lower price, take your phone or mobile device to the store's customer service department and request a price match.